Journal History

DAYAH: Journal of Islamic Education is one of the scientific journals published by Graduate Program of Ar-Raniry State Islamic University in cooperation with Center for Research and Community Service (LP2M). This journal is managed by the Department of Islamic Education (Master's Degree) of Graduate Program Ar-Raniry State Islamic University, Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia.

The publication of this journal is intended to enrich and to spread Islamic Education knowledge as one of important parts in the perspective of Islamic studies. The term DAYAH, which is used as the name of this journal, denotes a specific characteristic of Islamic education system in Aceh particularly, and Indonesia generally. In other parts of Indonesia, DAYAH usually called Pesantren (Islamic Boarding school). Yet, there are some similarities and differences between dayah and pesantren. Since the term DAYAH is unique and only used in Aceh, hence it is taken as the name of this journal which is in line with its focus and scope.