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Ar-Raniry International Conference on Islamic Studies (ARICIS) focuses on the Islamic Civilization (tamaddun) which is clearly under threat both from within and without. Internally, there is the emergence of radical Jihadists who actively promote a conformist mentality intolerant of diversity and difference. Externally, there is the widespread attraction of the materialist lifestyle weakening individual social conscience and undermining community ethical values. Both threats present real challenges for the future of the Islamic Civilization, especially for its intellectual leaders. Muslim societies are now confronted by the dominant materialistic thought patterns being promoted worldwide among liberal academics and through global media. They are also challenged by anti-islamic sentiments widespread in the West and many Asian countries. Some thoughtful responses by informed observers to these immensely important issues have been convened in several academic institutions outside Indonesia. This is an ongoing discussion which requires fresh contributions from our own intellectual leaders with the active collaboration of many more educators and officials. As part of this ongoing discussion, the Ar-Raniry International Conference on Islamic Civilization aims to advance the academic culture and quality of thought among scholars worldwiide who have concern on Islamic Studies. Hence, the ultimate goal of reawakening Islamic social ethics and strengthening intellectual and spiritual traditions for the benefit of the contemporary ummah and all humanity can be achieved.