FACTORS INFLUENCING STUDENT’S ABILITY TO PRONOUNCE MUFRADAT العوامل المثرة على كفاءة التلاميذ في نطق المفردات

Dara Mubshirah, Salma Hayati, Raihan Rahmi


This research aim was to find out factors influencing students’s ability to pronounce Mufradat. The design of the research was descriptive analysis in qualitative. The respondents of this research consist of 26 students of siswa TPA Namploh Papeun Samalanga. The instruments of the research were non-test consisting of interview and tape recorder. The data were analyzed by Miles dan Huberman method. The result of the study showed that there were two factors influencing student’s ability to pronounce mufradat such as internal and eksternal factors. Internal factors include  intelligence factors, interest factors, and learning factors. While external factors include family factors and school factors. The factors that do not influence the students’s ability to pronounce mufradat in this study are health factors and community factors.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22374/es.v1i1.12593


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