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The kingdom of Kuala Batee, which until now is still a mystery, has its capital city located in the Kuala Batee District, Southwest Aceh Regency. This kingdom played an important role in the trade economy in the past because of the many crops and spices that tantalized foreign parties such as the Portuguese, the Dutch and even the Americans. From the surface findings, several earthen / madat fortresses, tombs equipped with inscribed tombstones and cannons in a village called Keudee Baroe were found. Either these surface findings indicate the central location of the kingdom or are there more powerful artifacts, ecofacts and other features that have not been found. To reveal these facts, serious research is needed with exploratory and exploratory methods of historical archaeological approaches such as analyzing ecofacts and features as well as using appropriate strategies according to the sites studied. This research is important for knowledge for both academics and society and the State because it is to add literature and cultural treasures for the region, nation and state. From the surface findings, the location of the capital of the Kuala Batee kingdom for the first time was in the Old Tuha village area, then after the war with the Dutch the kingdom of Kuala Batee was destroyed and moved to Lama Inong (Pasar Kota Bahagia Now) Kuala Batee District, Southwest Aceh Regency, while the function was At that time, the kingdom of Kuala Batee was very important and strategic both for the residents of the surrounding community and for the central kingdom, namely the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, because the kingdom of Kuala Batee as a conquered area was a rich area with spices which became a source of income for the kingdom.


Keywords: Kingdom, Kuala Batee, and Archeology

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