Dian Cita Sar, Khairul Anwar, Abdul Halim bin Ali, Sulaiman Dorloh, Yuki Shiozaki, Afib Rulyansah, Ezi Apino, Dedek Andrian, Ilham Tri Maulana, Pipit Sari Puspitorini


This study discusses the Internalization of religious moderation to build quality culture in higher education. Religious moderation has a net meaning with a very deep influence, as formulated from Quran, and As-Sunnah. Religious moderation can positive perceptions. Its special value is the tawhid (unity) which is spiritual and material unity, the unity of world and hereafter, and the unity of thought and action. Because individuals have different concepts of what is right, it is necessary to develop religious moderation for the organization. One of the successful indicators of educational organizations in universities is the creation of a quality culture. The findings of this research are: First, the quality culture in higher education is strongly influenced by value that are socialized and internalized in all components continuously. Second, disseminate the value to be understood, and internalized by all components education. Third, improving quality of human resources to support new ideas, vision and mission of education. Fourth, provide the facilities needed by personal effectively. Fifth, apply values; and Sixth, controlling behavior.

Keywords: Higher Education, Quality Culture, and Religious Moderation

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