Author Guidelines


  1. To increase the publication quality of Abarahamic Religions: Jurnal Studi Agama-Agama, authors must follow some new regulations. Abarahamic Religions: Jurnal Studi Agama-Agama is published two editions annually in March and September, in which there are only selected articles will be published in each issue.
  2. All articles must be submitted to Abarahamic Religions: Jurnal Studi Agama-Agama editorial office by online submission at: where the author registers as author and/or offers as Reviewer. If authors have any problems with the online submission, don't hesitate to get in touch with Abarahamic Religions: Jurnal Studi Agama-Agama editorial office at the following e-mail:
  3. Any articles submitted in this journal should be scientific (research articles), original, and have not been published and/or sent to any journal or media. The author should sign the statement letter that strengthens this issue by confirming the submission checklist.
  4. The article's content relates to the focus and scope of this Journal. The translation of a manuscript is not accepted.
  5. The manuscript is written in English or Indonesian, which fulfills the criteria of excellent and correct writing.
  6. The article's length is around 4000 to 7.000 words with 1,15 space, typed in MS-Word, with Times New Roman font size 12 on A4 paper (the margin for right, left, top, and down is 3 cm).
  7. The author submits the manuscript through OJS portal and confirms to e-mail or with short massage to WA (085373325237)
  8. The abstract should:
    1. Written in English and Indonesian.
    2. Provides a synopsis of the entire article.
    3. Starts with the broad context of the study, followed by specific background for the study.
    4. Describes the purpose, methods and procedures, core findings and results, and conclusions of the study.
    5. Emphasizes new or essential aspects of the study.
    6. Be understandable to a diverse audience (avoid using jargon).
    7. Be a single paragraph of fewer than 250 words.
    8. Not contain citations or uncommon abbreviations.
  9. The articles systematics are:

    • Title;
    • Author's name (without academic degree), affiliation, and e-mail;
    • Abstracts are written in two languages, English and Indonesian. The abstract contains a maximum of 250 words;
    • Keywords, between 3-7 words;
    • Introduction;
    • Method
    • Result
    • Discussion
    • Conclusions
    • References. (Use Mendeley)

    Articles submitted should be written according to the this Journal Template and Guidelines. The article template can be downloaded here.