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Due to the technology development, the commercial polyurethane foam (PUF) modified with silica nanoparticles (Si-NPs) and lauric acid (LA) was used to synthesis the superhydrophobic/superoleophilic absorbent to remove the oily contaminant from oil/water mixture in the oil industry. The facile dip-coating method has been used to generate PUF-Si-LA through ultrasonication and relux at 70 °C for 12 h. Additionally, the FTIR, SEM, and EDX, characterization results displayed that the raw materials were identically distributed throughout the PUF surface as can be observed from the strong chelating bond between the carboxylates, hydroxide, and silica active surface. The water contact angle (WCA) was observed up to 158° presenting powerful superhydrophobicity. The absorption capacity results of the PUF-Si-LA for the tested oils and organic solvents are high ranging from 23.00 to 40.00 g/g after 20 consecutive cycles varied from the samples. The oil removal from water-oil mixture revealed a quick absorption of oil contaminant within few seconds. These features presented that the PUF Si-LA nanocomposite is expected to be a future promising absorbent in a wide range of applications due to long-term performance, high mechanical, and thermal stability in various environmental treatments.
Keywords: Polyurethane, superhydrophobic, nanocomposites, oil/water separation, and emulsion

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