Mukhsinuddin Mukhsinuddin, Amelia Zuliyanti Siregar


This study aims to identify the role of farmer communication and worship in increasing body immunity through qualitative methods. The sampling technique in this study was purposive random sampling using a questionnaire with open questions to 30 rice farmers in Langkat,
North Sumatra and Meulaboh, West Aceh. The results showed that there were 22 male and female farmers with 8 female androgynous farmers. As many as 73.33% of farmers prepare themselves and equipment (hoes and food supplies), then 20% of farmers clean the house and yard and 6.66% do bathing, dressing and masking. Then the data shows that 90% perform
special worship activities, such as ablution, Dhuha prayer and prayer before leaving for the land, only 10% perform worship when resting in the fields. Furthermore, farmer communication with extension workers during the New Normal period was carried out intensively and continuously (83.33%) and 16.66% stated that if there was free time and problems on the land, then met with agricultural extension workers. Farmers in general, 100% bring food from home that has been prepared such as rice, vegetables, side dishes and fruit, when buying and selling transactions in the fields / markets and communication is done by discussion, keep a distance of one meter and use masks among farmers and agricultural extension workers of 86.66%, only 13.33% did not use masks or talk very close
without distance. From interactions when collecting questionnaires, farmers stated adequate sleep-rest, communication according to health protocols, performing ablution and worshiping on time increases the immunity of the farmer's body so that optimal quality of life is achieved in the New Normal period. The role of farmers as the front guard, after the paramedics are providers of food needs to be supported and accompanied by academics,
agricultural extension workers, related agencies in maintaining food security in the North Sumatra and West Aceh Province of Aceh.

Kata Kunci: Communication, Farmers, Worship, Immunity, and New normal

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