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PSIKOISLAMEDIA Jurnal Psikologi (PJP) is a national, double-blind peer-reviewed, academic and open access journal published by Psychology Faculty Ar Raniry Islamic State University Indonesia. PJP was published first in April 2016, PJP aims to take part in the development of psychology knowledge by publishing high quality psychology articles. The journal focuses on the Islamic psychology, Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Industrial, Organizational Psychology, Disaster Psychology and Other relevant areas of psychology research

PJP provides an academic platform for professional, researcher, academician, student national and international to publish the article in psychology. PJP carries original, unpublished and full length article that reflect the latest research, expert opinion and review paper on development concept in both theoretical and practical aspects of psychology. Under team headed by Harri Santoso.,S.Psi.,M.Ed, PJP publication has been made accessible online commencing Januari 2017. Hence the journal is currently published in both online and printed versions. All publications are open access in full text and free to download. PJP biannually publish every April and October every year.

Alamat Sekretariat Jurnal:
Jl. Syeikh Abdur Rauf Fakultas Psikologi, Kopelma Darussalam UIN Ar-Raniry, Banda Aceh, 23111 e-mail:

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Sartika Ayu Utami, Eka Damayanti, Wahyuni Ismail
Romi Cendra
marty - mawarpury
Zunaidi M. Rasid Harahap, Suyadi Suyadi
Desi Ariska, Nina Zulida Situmorang, Mifta Hanif, Agus Sulistiawan
Lauditta Soraya Husin
Fina Hidayati, Firdaus Muttaqien
Raiza Aulia
Fauzi Rahman, Hafizh Zain Abdillah, Nurul Hidayah
Muh Anwar Fu'ady, Siti Vika Durrotul Atiqoh